Embracing New Traditions and Boundaries for a Joyful Holiday Season

In this episode of Empty Nesting on Purpose, we talk about adapting to new Christmas traditions, sweet memories and prioritizing our own needs by setting boundaries.


When it became clear our Christmas expectations weren’t going to be a reality this year we had two choices, get upset and throw guilt around like a wet blanket or reevaluate, create a fun alternative and throw grace and love around like confetti. 


So glad we chose option two! ❤️ Instead of Christmas in Alaska we ended up doing Christmas in Bentonville, Arkansas and had a wonderful time making sweet memories with our precious grandson and family, and just all around enjoying life together as an empty nesting couple. 


We hope this episode inspires you amazing Christian empty nesters to enjoy the journey as you live your empty nesting life on purpose.


Tune in to the end to hear this week's fun question for couples to discuss on their date night!


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