Big Questions and Saturday Morning Dates

What if retirement could be whatever you wanted it to be?

That is what started our journey to Empty Nesting On Purpose, and the adventure it has us on, we never could have imagined!

Today Luke + Melissa chat about:

1.  Take time to dream together.

2. We talk about our Saturday morning dates. Grab these conversation starters to strengthen your connections and sign up here to get 10 questions to help you get started. :)

3. What if... Challenge the conventional notion of retirement and consider redefining it on your own terms. We discuss how retirement can be an opportunity to pursue dreams and explore new horizons.

This season we are taking time sharing our journey from leaving our cozy, ideal life in San Antonio, Tx to selling EVERYTHING and moving to Alaska!

Thank you for being a part of the Empty Nesting On Purpose community. We can't wait for you to join the conversation! Empty Nesting On Purpose, podcast, retirement, passions, following your dreams, relationships, redefining retirement, purposeful living, empty nest phase, Christian